Saturday, 24 September 2011

intro ha ha.

blissful thinking is a must where i live at the moment. i have a lot of worries and a lot of thinking to do, my family are moving to Essex, so i have to be very wise to get rid of stuff; to spring clean as one would say ha ha! i hate spring cleaning, it's waste of time. my room becomes a tip/dump in about 6 months... so it doesn't really matter but i quite enjoy my room while it lasts he he!

I've been looking at videos of people in japan, it looks just the same as London and new york, but I'd love to go there someday! i love cute stuff and i am addicted to hello kitty... and of course the rest of the sanrio babies! they are just super cute he he... it would be lovely to see what it is like, and compare it with London... have been living in London for about 11 years? so i am not quite used to London yet, i was born in Liverpool, but my mum wanted a better life and wished that we would be move to London to start a fresh life, which is understandable, but now i am leaving London to live in Essex. -sighs-

usually, or sometimes, i write what i think, but when i was growing up it wasn't as straight forward as that. i enjoy my life, but i don't have much of a social life ha ha. pretty lonely, i mean i don't smoke, drink, do drugs etc, because my life and my body would hate me being that sort of person would smoke, it isn't great, but a lot of people see it as comfort and live off of them.
you don't need drink to have a good time! that has been my life for a good few years, drink can sort of like, take control, mess with your mind. which is pretty upsetting!

I'm off now dear beautiful people! love you a lot!
roisin. xo